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Extend Content Manager

Trusted and supported applications for Micro Focus Content Manager that put your information to work, while maintaining your single source of truth.

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Extend the capabilities of Content Manager

As a Micro Focus Technical Integration Program member, Objective accesses the latest versions of Content Manager, to ensure our solutions are tested and ready for your organisation.

Extend the governance you already have in place and apply it to information being used with a range of solutions from Objective.

Share files externally with government-grade security; apply governance to your Microsoft Teams environment, process development applications faster; redact sensitive information accurately; or apply workflows to more efficiently manage people and processes.

Your information stays exactly where it is; in Micro Focus Content Manager (HPE TRIM), while your users can easily put it to work.

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Securely share documents directly from Content Manager. Ultimate protection over your information, no matter who you share it with.

Designed specifically for government and regulated industries

Objective Connect is a secure file sharing application that gives complete control over the information you share outside your organisation.

Existing information policies and permissions are checked first

Choose what documents can be sent externally, by sharing containers of documents directly from your existing file plan. Before any document is shared, all access controls, security levels and caveats are checked.

Maintain a single source of truth

Two-way synchronisation with Content Manager ensures everyone is kept up to date. Any document you receive is automatically filed in the correct container, and flagged to ensure your metadata is always accurate.

See at a glance what's been shared from Content Manager

On screen prompts clearly show you what is being shared externally and who is doing the sharing.

Stay in control of your records

Every single action is captured in the audit trail within Content Manager. Transactional audit reports can be produced at any time, providing the granularity required by records and information managers.

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Deliver the collaboration, productivity and mobility benefits of Microsoft Teams knowing that the information is governed by Micro Focus Content Manager.

Capture information in context

Confidently embrace Microsoft Teams with the knowledge that information and context is captured within Content Manager. This includes Teams, Channels, Posts, Files and Team members.

Maintain a single source of truth

Capture Teams files and posts and retain for future reference within Content Manager. Provide users with a complete information picture by surfacing content held within Content Manager into their Teams channel.

Provide a chain of evidence

Automatically generate reports for each governed Team. Capture all Team members and activities as a record stored in Content Manager.

Govern the Teams lifecycle

Bring control to your Teams environment, from creating a Team to archiving content and then finalising the Team.

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Assess development applications faster from Content Manager

Perform even the most complex measurements with ease, speed and pinpoint accuracy

Easily perform even the most complex measurements, calculations and assessments to evaluate compliance with relevant legislation and planning instruments.

Simplify the review process and communicate visually with powerful mark-up tools

Flag issues and non-compliance, highlight amendments and keep track of your measurements with a variety of customisable mark-up tools.

Save time with digital stamps that pull metadata from Content Manager

Approve 100-page applications in a few mouse clicks by applying custom digital stamps that pull metadata like application numbers, assessor names and more from Content Manager.

Cascade the information governance in Content Manager across your entire planning department for maximum efficiency

Get rid of rooms of paper by ensuring documents born digital, stay digital. Reduce costs and streamline workflows to work more efficiently. Meet your records management and information governance obligations without the administrative burden of doing it yourself - integration takes care of this for you.

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Redact documents directly from Content Manager

Irreversibly remove sensitive information from any file type.

Objective Redact is smart, automated redaction software that makes redaction much faster, internal review much easier and keeps your most trusted information safe.

Information governance is maintained through integration with Content Manager

Users can simply select a document from within their file plan, right click and start the redaction process. Once complete, redacted documents are saved directly back to Content Manager, leaving the original document unchanged.

Smart search capabilities

Search for specific targets - social security numbers, tax file numbers, credit card numbers, recurring expressions, phrases, email addresses and more.

Apply customisable exemption codes to explain why information was removed

Redactions can be tagged with global Privacy, FOI Acts and more and are applied in one click. Create custom codes to suit your business policies.

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Workflow software purpose-built for ministerial briefs and correspondence.

Locate, collaborate, protect and release content

Objective Ministerials is a smarter, more efficient way to manage people, process and paperwork. Purpose-built workflows improve productivity, reduce turnaround times and better support business needs.

Reduce turnaround times and increase efficiency

Task automation drives efficiency and can be customised with instructions, checklists, supporting information (such as policy documents and links to relevant content in Content Manager) and are easily searchable.

Integration with Content Manager reduces information security risks

Share files externally while maintaining a single source of truth. Access to business process workflows, tasks and related documents is controlled, monitored, tracked and audited, ensuring only those with correct authorisation have access to sensitive content. Maintain a complete record of the business process, synchronised with Content Manager.

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Respond to information access requests faster

Release information to the public on time

Objective OpenGov’s workflow automation software transforms your ability to locate, collaborate, protect and release content, while applying better governance to your processes.

Support better decisions by automating the processes relating to information access requests.

Workflows support process owners to assign, track and dispatch information access requests according to timelines.

Make governance a benefit not a burden

Provide participants with check lists and instructions of what is required of them as well as informing them on the legislative requirements

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Learn more about Objective solutions for Content Manager, extend your information governance into processes within your organisation and beyond.

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Trusted and supported applications for Micro Focus Content Manager that put your information to work, while maintaining your single source of truth.

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