Assessment Add-ons are now available for Objective Trapeze!

Introducing our new AU/NZ Parking, Victorian ResCode and Shadows Assessment Add-ons

Objective Trapeze’s new Assessment Add-ons are here, with distinct advantages over third-party overlays.

The newly available add-ons include the following packs, which can be used in Trapeze Professional’s Overlay Annotation Tool:

AU/NZ Parking 

These overlays are used to check compliance against parking and vehicle access standards. The pack includes turning circles, reverse in manoeuvres, parked vehicle envelopes, vehicle clearance and scraping.

Victorian ResCode

The ResCode overlays and handy measuring presets are used to check compliance against residential development standards, including site coverage, setbacks, daylight to windows and overlooking.


The Winter Solstice, Summer Solstice and Spring Equinox shadow overlays can be used to check the accuracy of shadow diagrams or used to plot shadows from structures. These overlays are custom generated to ensure the angles and shadow lengths are precise for your local government area.

Our Assessment Add-ons have been designed in consultation with a number of council customers to help you assess plans against relevant standards with greater efficiency and accuracy, so that you can continue to deliver incredible outcomes to your communities.

They have been carefully built by the Objective Trapeze team to be brighter and have higher contrast than existing third-party overlays, so that they are more visible when dropped on your plans.

How to access Objective Trapeze Assessment Add-Ons

Objective Trapeze Assessment Add-ons are available for purchase for sites that are on Trapeze Cloud, and are individually configured to match the requirements of your local government area. By using our Assessment Add-ons, your team can quickly assess that plans are meeting your jurisdictional requirements.

For more information on how Add-ons can be configured to your unique requirements, pricing, to organise a demonstration or start an obligation-free trial, please contact me at and I will be in touch.