Stay ahead: catch up MBIE's latest four updates

There are a number of upcoming changes from MBIE to be aware of. We've compiled these updates into one simple list, so that you can stay ahead:

Dam regulations

The new regulations on dam safety came into force on the 13th of May 2024.

The regulations have been made to increase the resilience and safety of Aotearoa/New Zealand’s dams, protecting people, property and the environment from the potential impacts of dam failures. They also provide a nationally consistent risk-based approach to dam safety.

    Only dams that meet a certain height and volume threshold are impacted by the regulations and need to be classified.

    Levy changes

    From the 1st of July this year, if the value of the building work is less than $65,000 including GST it will be exempt from paying the building levy.

    We will update levies for reporting purposes, but please ensure that your internal systems, processes, fees and charges and website are updated to reflect this change.

    EQPB extension of time

    The Government intends to amend the Building Act 2004 to extend all non-lapsed earthquake-prone building remediation deadlines, as of the 2nd April 2024, by four years, with an option to extend by a further two years if required.

    More information about the review and extension to remediation deadlines will be made available by MBIE over the coming months.

    Competency assessments timeframes

    MBIE have agreed that the BCA technical competency assessments can move to a two yearly cycle. This will be coming into effect on the 17th June 2024.

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