Find what you are looking for, faster.

Less time spent on searching, more on collaborating.

Quickly and easily locate document content throughout all owned or joined Workspaces within Objective Connect from the main user-interface. All Objective Connect users, both Enterprise and Standard subscriptions, have the ability to search for any accessible Workspace or Document (Folder) titles using a keyword.  

Additional search functionality allows users to:

  • Efficiently locate documents across large content sets throughout multiple Workspaces 
  • Receive additional support for contextual search within specific Workspace
  • Review everything you need in one place with a dedicated results page
  • Access a complete view of document content throughout multiple Workspaces for rapid and combined download of items

A few considerations to keep in mind:

  • In order to maintain security, document or folder titles will not appear in results if included within a Workspace where Two-Step Verification is enabled
  • Search results are based on the content users have permissions to view or have access to