Connection Allocation - making Admins' lives easier

Allocate and update Connection usage per Objective Connect Workgroup in just a few clicks with the latest enhancement to the Admin Toolkit, Connection Allocation.

It wasn’t too long ago that Objective Connect delivered the capability to set up multiple Workgroups under a single organisation. This enables organisations to have separate Workgroups for individual departments, projects, or processes with differing collaboration needs under a combined pool of Connections.

For Enterprise Administrators who oversee tens, hundreds or even thousands of Workgroups managing Connection consumption across the organisation can be a challenge.

Introducing Connection Allocation, the latest enhancement to the Admin Toolkit. Instead of having a single set of Connections across all Workgroups, Connection Allocation gives Admins the option to centrally allocate or update Connection usage per Workgroup. Ultimately, Connection Allocation makes life easier for Administrators with a large number of Workgroups, saving time and managing subscription cost more effectively.

Connection Allocation enables Admins to:

  • Allocate Connections across Workgroups
  • Apply usage limits with ease
  • Monitor Connection consumption by Workgroup
  • Receive notifications when a subscription limit has been reached

How to get started:

Step 1: Navigate to Enterprise

Step 2: Select Workgroup

Step 3: Click Settings icon

Step 3: Select Set Allocations

To learn more, visit the Objective Connect Help Centre. If you have any questions, please contact your Customer Success Manager.