Coming Soon: New Objective Connect Light and Dark Interface Themes Release

Improved eye comfort, accessibility and individual customisation the drivers for the new user interface

Objective Corporation continues to focus on outstanding software development with new updates to its user interface for Objective Connect. The new interface brings improved eye comfort and accessibility for users and can be customised by the individual or for the workgroup.

In the ever-evolving technology landscape, delivering a fantastic user experience to all users is critical. Today, Objective are excited to introduce enhancements to the Objective Connect user interface, enhancing user experience.

This change offers users the option to adopt a refreshed user interface, with enhanced levels of accessibility and increased inclusivity. The capability to select from a dark or light theme is introduced and accommodates the preferences, circumstances, and specific needs of an individual user.

With this enhancement, the goal is to satisfy the diverse preferences of the Objective Connect community across the globe. These changes are aligned with a series of overarching user interface updates by Objective its Content and Process offerings that will be released in the first half of 2024.  

Why Introduce Dark and Light Themes?

User preferences vary, and providing an interface that recognises this is crucial to ensure a great user experience. Some users may prefer the contemporary aesthetics of a dark theme, that can reduce eye strain during extended usage, while others favour the clarity and brightness of a light theme. By introducing both options, we empower our users to tailor their environment to suit their individual needs, preferences, and environment.

The Benefits of Dark and Light Themes

Eye Comfort

Dark Themes are ideal for low-light environments, maximising battery life (OLED screens), reducing eye strain and minimizing glare. Light Themes are perfect for well-lit spaces, providing a clear and vibrant display.


Dark themes can be particularly beneficial for users with visual impairments, providing improved contrast and readability.

How can I switch themes?

Adopting the new user interface is easy, simply navigate to your settings within Objective Connect and select your preferred theme. The changes take effect instantly, allowing you to experiment and choose the theme you prefer. 

What will happen to the existing theme?

The existing user interface remains available and has been named ‘Classic’. While the Classic theme presents users with a familiar user experience, in the coming months Objective will be engaging with users to encourage them to select a new theme. Our intention is to retire the Classic theme from Objective Connect some time in 2024.

What theme will new users be allocated when they register for Objective Connect?

The default theme for new users will be the new Light theme.

Why has the colour changed from green to blue?

Objective is working to provide a consistent and standard user experience and market positioning across the Content Solutions range of products. The decision to move to an exciting new blue colour is part of this transition. In coming months, you will see updates to our website and marketing materials reflecting this change.

What about Workgroup Customisation?

Objective Connect has the ability for administrators to customise each workgroup by the selection of images and colours that are applied to various screens within the product. This feature applies to the new Light and Dark themes and we encourage administrators to check that their existing customisations are appropriate for the new themes.