Collaborating on sensitive or protected information? This is what government-grade file sharing looks like.

The standards, certifications and principals that make secure file sharing secure.

Security is a journey.

While every organisation’s information is unique, we all face the challenge of controlling the files we share, maintaining one version of the truth and recording who did what and when. It’s why millions of users in 68 countries rely on Objective Connect to do the hard work to make secure file sharing easy.

Protection across teams. Across organisations. And across the world.

When information leaves your four walls, national standards dictate what best-practise looks like. For example, Objective Connect is compliant with the Information Security Manual (ISM) of the Australian Cyber Security Centre (ACSC), the ISM of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC) in New Zealand, and the Digital Security Manual (DSM) of the NCSC in the UK. While you should accept nothing less, this is only the start.

Objective Connect delivers you the same protection enjoyed by defence authorities and whole-of-government agreements. This extends all the way to Independent IRAP assessment for Sensitive and Protected data in Australia, enhanced level 2 security per the Government Chief Digital Officer (GCDO) in NZ, and Official and Sensitive data in the UK.

Information lives in a borderless world.

Objective Connect delivers on the world’s leading international data privacy standards including European GDPR legislation. It’s also certified by the International Standards Organisation to peak management (ISO9001) and data protection (ISO27001) standards.

Testing. Testing. Testing.

The goalposts for data security are constantly moving, so we also deliver on world-best testing standards. This includes global ISO 27018 risk management principles, manual and automatic penetration testing and national marks including Australia’s Essential 8, NZ’s CIP-001:9 and the UK’s NCSC Essentials.


Security isn’t something you add. It’s something you start with. Objective Connect features native Anti-Virus protection, 2-step verification, AES-256, FIPS140-2 and SSL/TLS encryption and support for Microsoft 365 (Office 365), iOS and Android devices.

End-to-end protection.

Crucially, it also builds on the hard work you’ve already done with Content Manager (TRIM) or Objective ECM, so your internal information governance framework is automatically applied to prevent unauthorised or uncontrolled sharing.

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What if the app that protects your information actually made it easier to collaborate outside your four walls than ever before? Take back control of the way your team connects with anyone, anywhere with Objective Connect.

You’re invited to review - and share - further information on our security posture and what is means to your team – for Australia, New Zealand, the United Kingdom and the United States.

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