Objective Trapeze's latest Document Compare changes are here!

We’ve shown our customers the new Document Compare enhancements in Objective Trapeze. Here’s what they had to say.

From selecting regions for comparison, to making overlaying plans more intuitive, our customers’ feedback on our latest Document Compare upgrades is the ultimate success criteria.

As part of our commitment to delivering outstanding solutions for our customers, we’re always growing our understanding of new features and other updates that make a difference for our users .

Document Compare is one of the most popular tools in Objective Trapeze, removing the need to ‘spot the difference’ between plan amendments.

Our recent enhancements were driven by customer feedback, so hearing their first thoughts was our measure of success.

I can’t wait to show these changes to my colleagues!

Planning Officer

UK Council

So, what exactly has changed?

We’ve introduced a new ‘Regions’ tool, which allows you to select specific areas of your plans for comparison. When parts of a drawing shift location, highlighting differences on a pixel-by-pixel basis isn’t so easy. This is where our Regions tool comes in handy, focusing on what matters, rather than comparing the entire page.

We’ve also made significant enhancements when overlaying drawings for comparison, including higher image quality.

One Planner who participated in our feedback sessions said that Colour Compare is “really, really good” when working on house plans and site plans, so we’re thrilled to be making this tool even more helpful for our users.

Additionally, when using the manual alignment feature in Colour Compare, Objective Trapeze now retains the new position of the drawing if you wish to use the Slider or Fader.

“The Compare side-by-side slider is a lot better than a lot of other software we’ve had… it’s a massive improvement,” said one customer. A new setting now makes it possible for Document Compare to launch in Side By Side View, perfect when working with single-page documents.

We’re also pleased to announce that overlaid pages can now be exported as a new PDF, allowing you to measure the difference between existing and proposed plans, for example… and you can add any annotations too.

It’s really helpful for me to have the two drawings overlaid and to do further assessments of that overlaid image.

Planning Officer

UK Council

And Colour Compare fans – rejoice! Trapeze now conveniently remembers if this was your most recently used comparison method.

Our customers’ success is our success, and that’s why we’re thrilled to be releasing these enhancements that are so warmly received.

Objective Trapeze is purpose-built for planners and building teams who need the best tools to assess applications quickly and accurately… and nothing else compares. See what I did there?

To watch these changes in action, check out this video.