Extra insights: The UK Government Regulatory Technology Report 2023

Our follow-up interview with Public Policy Consultant, Simon Corden offers more insights and ideas on seizing the opportunities from the inaugural Government Regulatory Technology Report.

We're not done yet!

During our recent webinar where we launched and unpacked the UK Government Regulatory Technology Report 2023, we had so many insights to discuss with industry expert Simon Corden, that we just couldn't fit them all in.

Ali Fitzgerald, Objective Product Marketer, sat down with Simon to delve into some of the wider findings and learnings he didn't touch on from the RegTech research with Objective, and as always, he had a lot of industry knowledge to share.

Their conversation continues the webinar dialogue to:

  • Understand the scale and scope of technology being used across UK regulation
  • Hear how to overcome barriers to technology adoption
  • Explore real case studies and innovative examples of where tech is improving regulation
  • See the future direction of regulatory technology in the UK

Objective’s latest survey and research has been collated into the UK Government Regulatory Technology Report 2023, revealing why the effective use of technology and data is critical to operating as a modern regulator – and how the UK has adapted and adopted so far.

If you're involved in regulation, licensing, compliance or enforcement, you will want to give it a read. Download the full report here.