Hosted Connect Link for Content Manager

5 reasons why you should make the switch

The next generation of Objective Connect Link is here

Objective Connect has been able to deliver an invaluable integration with Micro Focus Content Manager (Content Manager) - extending customers’ information governance when sharing with external parties. But we’re not stopping there. The release of Hosted Connect Link for Content Manager delivers greater functionality than ever before - taking your integration with Content Manager to an all-new level. 

Move one step further on your path to cloud, by having Connect Link - hosted. Rich in new features and resource-savings, we’ve broken down the top five reasons to make the switch. 

Reason #1 - Security, Security and Security

Objective Connect is obsessed with security and our security posture is what customers trust and depend on. Moving your On-Premises Connect Link installation to a hosted environment ensures your integration with Content Manager is protected by the same secure credentials that safeguard Objective Connect’s platform.

Reason #2 - Greater cost-savings

Minimise the overhead of maintaining On-Premises resources by reducing the need for provisioning, support, back up and third-party infrastructure management services. More money back in the budget means you can spend it on what really matters, your Connections. 

Reason #3 - Upgrades? They happen automatically

Going hosted means customers no longer need to schedule Connect Link upgrades with a technical consultant. Just like the Objective Connect platform, you will always be on the latest software release or version without lifting a finger.

Reason #4 - Say goodbye to manual certificate updates

Focus on collaborating and leave certificate updates to us. Reduce time spent on updating Connect Link certifications for On-Premises. When you switch to hosted, your Connect Link certificates are automatically updated and completely managed by the Objective Connect team.

Reason #5 - Resolve tickets, faster

Hosted Connect Link has taken the burden off self-managed services with real-time monitoring of the hosted environment. Proactive monitoring allows the Objective Connect team to troubleshoot and resolve outages faster, reducing the number of tickets or additional contact to Support.

We’re just getting started.

Get the most out of Objective Connect's integration with Content Manager. Hosted Connect Link delivers on a new suite of features that includes:

  • Multi-Workgroup Support - Create separate groups for each department or business unit, instead of a single pool of users.
  • Online Edit: Two-Way Document Lock - Lock a document in Edit mode from either Content Manager or Objective Connect.
  • 100% Federated IDP Coverage - Improve identity management by completely mapping users from Content Manager to Objective Connect.
  • Workspace Record Sync - Configure a Workspace Record to be automatically stored in a designated Content Manager container upon closure workspace closure.

To get started, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and schedule a consultation with the Objective Connect product team. During the consultation, the product team will work with you to determine your organisation’s unique installation plan and provide more information on what’s required to move Connect Link to the cloud.