IRAP Assessed Cloud Collaboration – The Basics

[Part 1/3] What is IRAP and how an assessment can mitigate risk.

In the effort to mitigate the risk when sharing sensitive information, Australian agencies and regulated organisations look for solutions that claim to be secure by name dropping IRAP assessed or ISM compliant, but what does this actually mean?

The IRAP Assessed Cloud Collaboration for Federal Government series is designed to leave Australian government or regulated organisations more informed on the IRAP program and the right questions to ask cloud vendors, like Objective Connect, when it comes to protecting sensitive information that is shared externally.

Join us for part one of the series: What is IRAP and how an assessment can mitigate risk. Watch the video to receive insights from one of Australia’s predominant experts in cloud security, Trustwave.

In part 1/3 - The basics:

  • Learn the details about IRAP - what is it and why it's important.
  • Discover what it means for a vendor to be assessed up to the PROTECTED level.
  • Identify the value Australian agencies and regulated organisations gain when partnering with a vendor that is IRAP assessed.


  • Edward Dexter, Security Advisor and Regional Director, Trustwave
  • Jon Mill, Product Manager - Objective Connect, Objective 

Australian developed, hosted and supported  

Designed specifically for government and regulated industries, Objective Connect is a secure IRAP-assessed external file sharing application that gives complete control over the information you share outside your organisation. Contact us to learn more about Objective Connect or request a free trial.