My Journey Across the Pond and into a Rewarding Tech Career

Irene crossed the Tasman to pursue a rewarding career in tech. She's found great opportunities at Objective.

After living in New Zealand for 10 years, I was keen for a change of scenery but was also feeling a bit stuck. My job at the time was in software testing, and I wanted to advance my career and gain more experience. I’d heard that Australia offered a lot more opportunities in tech in general, so I applied for roles in Melbourne, Brisbane and Sydney.

A month after receiving an offer from Objective in Sydney, I relocated. I’m now a Junior Test Analyst here, working from our beautiful office overlooking Sydney Harbour.

Why did I choose tech?

The tech industry has always interested me because of the exciting challenges it offers. Problem-solving and continuous learning are paramount, and these are two aspects of a job that I enjoy most. I also enjoy the satisfaction of being part of the development process and seeing the end result.

Additionally, tech is very flexible in terms of how and where you can work. This has been especially highlighted during this COVID-19 era, when like many others, I’ve had the opportunity to work from home. Despite not having access to our normal office, I’ve been able to continue doing my job unaffected, and enjoy flexible working hours. This industry has all the tools needed to keep going under any circumstances.

Objective provides so many opportunities for learning and career growth.

Irene Calangian

Test Analyst at Objective

Growing and learning every day at Objective

Objective provides so many opportunities for learning and career growth. From day one, even though I was in a junior role, my seniors trusted me to take on major tasks. They’ve always involved me throughout the entire development process, and it’s clear that they value my opinions as they often give me a chance to lead assignments.

From a training perspective, Objective also gives us the opportunity to take both in-house and external courses through platforms like LinkedIn Learning. We have many experts in our team, so there are constant workshops and sessions being held by the company for us to attend. The latest one I attended was an API test automation workshop, where I was given a hands-on experience while someone guided me along the way.

A truly challenging but rewarding workplace culture

At Objective, there’s never a shortage of things to do. The managers present us with new challenges all the time, but also give us proper training and resources that allow us to upskill and bring more value to the business.

In general, the company is very transparent with its roadmap and company-wide goals, and inclusive of all employees. Everyone’s input is encouraged, and everyone is given the chance to show what they can do.

Before joining Objective, I did some research about the company, and in addition to the free breakfast and floor-to-ceiling harbour views, all the great things I learned about the business have turned out to be true. This is a company that truly values its people: it is such a supportive place to work, and there are so many opportunities to keep developing and expanding your career.

If you’re interested in joining our team, take a look at our careers page for updates on opportunities at Objective.