The latest update to Objective Connect makes it even easier to share large numbers of files with your trusted partners.

With the new ‘Bulk Download’ feature, a user can select two or more documents and download them in a single click. If more than 10 files are selected, Objective Connect will automatically add all items to a single zip file - ensuring the download process simple and efficient.

Whether you are progressing due diligence on an acquisition, sharing case notes on a legal proceeding or working with a property developer on a major urban renewal, the bulk download feature will save time and reduce mouse clicks.

Available Now
As of today, log into Connect and click on a Workspace, to the left of the document list you can now multi-select files. Simply highlight the files you want to download. Or select the check box at the top of the list, then click download. It's that easy.

Use the check boxes to the left of your Workspace to select your files for download

Frequently asked questions:

To help get you started, here is our shortlist of FAQ's. If you need more information, visit the Objective Connect Help Centre.

  • When downloading 10 or more files, Objective Connect will automatically add all files into a compressed zip file. The file name will start with "Connect Archive" - which you can rename at the point of download.
  • Each compressed zip file can hold documents up to 150MB. Once it hits that cap, a new compressed zip file will be created.
  • Large files over 75MB will not be zipped; but downloaded individually within the same window.
  • If you have folders in your Workspace, you will need to go into them and select which documents that you would like to include in the bulk download. Simply drill into each folder and select the files you want included- the document counter updates each time documents are added to the list showing you the total number of downloads.

A new window appears when you click on the 'DOWNLOADS' link:

That's all for now. As always, if you have any questions, don't hesitate to reach out.