New Feature: Workspace Favourites

A simpler way to prioritise.

Objective Connect now includes an ability to mark Workspaces as Favourites.  

We’ve updated our user experience to make jumping into your priorities so intuitive, it will be your team’s favourite new feature.  

Easily locate critical Workspaces

Favourites is now live for all users on all subscriptions: 

  • Star any Workspace you own or join as a Favourite  
  • Switch easily between All Workspaces and Favourites  
  • Stay focussed on what’s important 

Be notified instantly when activity occurs in a Favourite Workspace

Each Connect user can set email notifications to be sent to when activity occurs in a workspace immediately or summarised on a daily or weekly basis. However, this setting previously was for all workspaces that you either owned or were invited to.

You can now set your email notifications to be immediate on your critical workspaces that you have marked as Favourite, with all other workspaces to send notifications either daily or weekly. This will mean less noise in your inbox, and the ability to focus on what’s important.

Next steps

This most recent feature update is part of our focus on increasing visibility during a collaboration. When coupled with recent updated Workspace Activity and Email Notification Templates, Workspace Favourites gives you more control than ever when working with external parties.

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