As longstanding supporters of ALGIM and their annual conference, our Planning & Building team had another great experience attending this year.

ALGIM is always a fantastic opportunity for myself and the team to connect with CIOs, CTOs, and everyone involved in the IT space in local government. As a team who are almost always engaging with Building Managers, it was valuable to be able to connect with IT professionals, and to understand more about what’s important to them.

As an exhibitor, one of the biggest things I enjoy about attending ALGIM is the people aspect. It’s a chance to catch up again with people I haven’t seen for a long time, and to finally be able to put faces to names. Being able to chat to customers and give updates about Objective Build face-to-face is invaluable for us.

We had a lot of conversations around where Objective Build sits in the mix of the council IT environments and our goal of helping both council and applicant by creating consistency across the country. Our focus is all about improving consenting across the country and making it more efficient for everyone involved. Having these conversations directly helps us keep councils on the same page and allows councils to understand the journey we are on.

One of the top things I learnt from this year’s event was just how much innovation and opportunity is out there right now. One of the vendors near our stand worked with capturing data using drones, which I thought was interesting. A lot of cool, creative work happening in this space, and I’m keen for us to explore possible partnerships and to collaborate with all parts of the industry.

Next year, I’m looking forward to Objective demonstrating our difference – we’re committed to challenging the norm, and I am keen for us to continue telling our story and taking the lead in making positive change.