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Delivering more features and capabilities than ever before

We’re pleased to announce the beginning of a new era for Objective Connect. We are doubling down on our vision. Solidifying our identity. Delivering more value within our Objective Connect offering. We have revised our editions to focus on taking to market now a Standard Edition and Enterprise Edition offering. This will help you get more from our product and for us to deliver better service, more features and capabilities than ever before.

These changes came into effect from the 12th January 2019, so if you’re a paying Standard or Workgroup customer, you will be transferred onto the new revised Objective Connect Standard Edition. This will be reflected in Objective Connects licensing administration page within our product. For those customers who currently have Objective Connect Enterprise edition, there will be no change to the features and boundaries you have within the product. To know more on the feature comparisons please click here.

To coincide with these revised edition offerings, we’re launching Premium Support. This offering will be part of the Objective Connect Enterprise subscription license and will deliver email and telephone support within your business day. As we look to improve our service, we will be increasing this capability during the year to provide 24/7 support. Check out our Customer Support Handbook for more information here.

With more features and more service being offered to help you get more out of the product, there will be a price increase that will incur at the time of upgrade and renewal. This price increase will reflect the additional features and services made available to the product. For more information on pricing please reach out to your Account Manager.

As we look to become more, becoming more means a few different things. It means finding new ways to embody our vision and taking more risks in our day-to-day. It means becoming a role model within our ecosystem as we pursue responsible growth. Above everything else, it means we're committed to keep creating a memorable product that helps our valued clients tackle the current and future challenges of secure collaboration and information governance.

Content Collaboration is just the beginning. The landscape is changing, and with it, Objective Connect is becoming more.