Greater capacity. Expanded applications.

From design files for major projects, to evidence contained in CCTV footage; from medical imaging to tender submissions the files our customers work with continue to increase in size. But the need to share files with external parties doesn’t change. So, we’ve increased the upload limit in Objective Connect to 25GB.

Objective Connect’s existing large file upload capability has been enhanced to support upload of files sizes up to 25GB. This change, driven by user feedback, will support a range of critical applications where files continue to increase in size.

From design files for major projects to CCTV footage for evidence and medical imaging, this enhancement simplifies collaboration for government and regulated industry to accelerate processes while maintaining security over the content.

Advanced security measures, such as end-to-end encryption and user authentication, ensure customers can confidently adopt Objective Connect as their solution of choice for large file transfers.

Large file support is enabled by Administrators on a Workgroup basis. For more detailed instructions on how to activate this capability, and to review relevant considerations, visit the Help Centre.