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Objective certified as a Great Place to Work

Proud to be recognised and certified by the Great Place to Work as being a great place to work


Objective is excited to be recognised and certified by the Great Place to Work as being a great place to work. Our people have recognised this for a while and it makes us think, is it because of the fun culture and environment that we have at Objective? That could be it, but it’s more likely to be:

  • The flexibility enabling our people to manage their home and work lives in a more productive way
  • That we’re an Australian based software company with an ongoing commitment to R&D in APAC and the UK
  • Our innovative culture that allows our people to make a difference and see it in action

To learn more about Objective’s unique culture, hear from Damien Choy, one of our Dev Managers:

Here's what some of our employees have to say about why Objective is a great place to work:

Tracy Harding, Senior Technical Consultant: The people that I work with at Objective really make all the difference and make it a fantastic place to work. I work with people from all our offices around the world and the sense of friendship and comradery is truly what delights me about working for Objective. These bonds are strengthened every year when we have the opportunity to catchup with the whole company at our annual conference; an event that is a mix of exciting future planning and fun connections between friends. I admire the values that we uphold at Objective, and this is evident through our internal collaboration, our commitment to improvement and our passion for solving our customer problems.

Jas Menzies, Global Bid Manager: The first thing you notice working at Objective is the people. Smart, passionate, intuitive people who are a pleasure to work alongside day in and day out. In my role, every project is different and people are not afraid to try new ideas and approaches. We work together and share expertise at Objective even across geographical and functional boundaries. We conquer challenges while having fun. This is what makes Objective a great place to work.

Khin Chiew, Senior Business Consultant: Objective is a fun and challenging environment and I have been working with a great bunch of people. Initiative, integrity, leadership, teamwork and the ability to get results are qualities which we value. We have input into the Objective software we implement; because we own it! My yearly highlight is the annual ‘Activate’ conference where we get together and hear the vision for the year and have the opportunity to network and socialise with people from all parts of the organisation.

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