Connecting Wales to the World

Wales is a challenging geography when it comes to providing reliable internet access. To solve this problem, the Welsh Government is partnering with infrastructure providers to bring high-speed internet to more rural locations.

Will Sagar, Customer Success Manager for Objective Connect caught up with Andy Parker, Senior Operations Manager - Information and Record Management for the Welsh Government on how Objective Connect, a secure file sharing and collaboration solution, facilitated a major infrastructure project in rural Wales.

External engineers were required to go onsite and update job sheets when completed. However, many of the locations where the engineers worked onsite did not have adequate connectivity. To overcome this challenge, the project’s engineers were able to leverage Objective Connect to enable offline access. 

The Objective Connect app is versatile, allowing it to be used on anything from mobile devices to laptops with remote communication.”

Andy Parker

Information and Records Management – Senior Operations Manager, Welsh Government

Since implementing Objective Connect, it has streamlined the collation of job sheets by eliminating the need for user input. Having the ability to integrate seamlessly with Objective ECM (the Welsh Government’s Enterprise Content Management system) meant changes were automatically synchronised across. This resulted in the Welsh Government being able to maintain a single source of truth with ease throughout the remainder of the project.

“[Objective Connect's mobile app] is very convenient for engineers who are working in areas without connectivity, as they can synchronise files to their device and then have those files automatically feed into Objective ECM. This makes it easier to keep track of all the changes made and ensures that everyone has access to the same information," remarks Andy Parker.

Watch the interview for the complete story on how Objective Connect provided an innovative solution that helped overcome the challenges of providing reliable internet access for regional Wales.

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