RegTech vs Security Incidents – A Game Changer for Queensland Rail

Queensland Rail recently shared their experience of using Objective RegWorks to tackle incident management at the RegTech Association's RegTech For Better Government event.

Objective was the lead sponsor for The RegTech Association’s recent online event – RegTech for Better Government. As part of our sponsorship, we chose one of our customers to speak about their RegTech implementation and the benefits it can bring to a regulatory agency. Stephen Jackson, A/Manger Security Intelligence from Queensland Rail shared his agency's experience using Objective RegWorks solution primarily for incident management and reporting.

The solution

Queensland Rail needed an interface that allowed its 7000 employees to communicate more effectively. Most importantly, forward-facing staff needed a platform that allowed them to communicate with the rest of the organisation, specifically for notifying about security-related incidents, graffiti, antisocial behaviour or instances of crime.

Between 75-100 incidents are reported each day into Queensland Rail’s Objective RegWorks solution. And this number isn’t surprising when hearing that the rail network transports 55 million customers per year on approximately 1000 train services.

Upgrade to Objective RegWorks IQ

Queensland Rail have recently upgraded Objective RegWorks to the latest version which includes Objective IQ, our common user interface across all Objective products. With this upgrade comes a plethora of new features and benefits.

Data integrity was the number one requirement for Queensland Rail, and Objective delivered this by providing insights and analytics for the whole network. With workload management, leadership and team members can find out with ease, who is doing what and where it’s up to at all times. Powerful dashboards have allowed stakeholders and administrators access to the information they seek at a glance, which has reduced unnecessary admin and report creation.


Configurability was also an essential requirement. Authorising key users as System Administrators to make simple, no-code configuration changes to adapt to various business needs has enhanced the operations of the rail network. Some of the no-code features of Queensland Rail’s solution include:

  • User-friendly form layout
  • Workflows
  • Business rules
  • Automation
  • Simple and easy search and reporting
    Queensland Rail domain types

    The Image Review feature

    Objective built a special, additional feature driven by requirements from Queensland Rail that allows users to review images (for example, of a graffiti incident) within the solution. They operate at a forensic level so any of their images or data kept in the database can be used for forensic purposes, whether that be for policing, courts or restitution. It is both a highly secure and easy-to-use feature helping to streamline their processes.

    This feature can:

    • Show image metadata and tagging
    • Link images with reports
    • Link images with incidents
    • Enable document generation with images
    The Image Review feature

    Sage advice from those who’ve been there

    Stephen finished sharing Queensland Rail’s journey by offering advice to his peers embarking on their own RegTech implementation in the future:

    • Choose a vendor who knows the RegTech space
    • Engage stakeholders
    • Define the process and requirements before the project commences
    • Understand the product you’re implementing
    • Don’t be afraid of complex IT projects
    • Learn from your peers who’ve gone before you

    He recognised that a RegTech implementation is no easy feat, and continuously referred to it as a ‘journey’. But he made note that the destination is well worth it.

    The entire journey during the upgrade was all about data integrity for us. That was our number one requirement and we trusted that Objective could deliver to the standard we needed. And they have.

    Stephen Jackson

    A/Manager Security Intelligence