The missing piece to an information management puzzle

With over 210,000 residents, Ipswich is Queensland's fastest-growing city. As the city continues to expand, the council has had to adapt to ensure its residents have access to timely and secure services. However, providing access to critical information without bottlenecks and ensuring audibility has been a challenge for the council.

Previously, the council used standard file sharing tools such as flash drives and CDs, which made it difficult to track the exchange of information. However, since implementing Objective Connect in 2014, an IRAP assessed file sharing and collaboration solution, the council has been able to produce instant, computer-generated reports in an easy-to-read format.

One of the biggest advantages of Objective Connect is the ability to maintain a single source of truth. This has been a game changer for the council, which uses Objective ECM as their Enterprise Content Management system. The seamless integration between the two systems has enabled extended governance externally, ensuring secure information sharing with external parties is always maintained and auditable. Another key feature is the ability to apply granular access controls for each user, ensured the council could provide the correct level of access based on their permissions - meaning tailoring access to meet the unique collaboration needs of each department, team or project. The feature we can't live without is certainly the security ... as well as the audit trail ... and single source of truth," confirms Shasha Ingbritsen, Acting Governance Manager at Ipswich City Council. 

Achieving greater accountability and transparency for the community

The council has a responsibility to meet compliance and legislation requirements, and in order to comply with regulatory standards, they needed a solution that enabled greater transparency and accountability for the communities they serve. Objective Connect has delivered a secure platform that is trusted to protect information when the need for sharing externally arises.

The use of Objective Connect has revolutionised information sharing and governance in Ipswich. The council now has access to timely and secure services, audibility, and a single source of truth, resulting in greater governance in information and lifecycle management of their data.

Shasha Ingbritsen

Acting Governance Manager

As Ipswich continues to grow, the council can be confident that they have the right information management infrastructure in place to meet the needs of their ever-expanding community. Click here to learn more about Objective Connect and how your organisation can get started securely sharing information you can't afford to lose control over, today.