Since 2016, the Courts Administration Authority in South Australia has relied on Objective ECM to manage the process of approving formal correspondence, ministerial briefings and submissions, Freedom of Information requests, financial contracts and more.

In 2018, Objective ECM became the pivotal tool supporting massive change in practice in the Youth Court (following three new legislative changes). Youth Justice Coordinators regularly travel throughout the state of South Australia to conduct Family Care and Family Conferencing Meetings. Electronic approvals have greatly reduced the time taken to prepare vast quantities of administrative paperwork required prior to embarking on a trip, provide real-time access to crucial information for staff on the road and empower supervisors to approve documents via mobile devices at any time. This can save critical time when an emergency arises enabling supervisors and staff to respond in real time, as and when needed.

Improving overall efficiency

The initiative has improved overall efficiency of the core services delivered by the Youth Court to the community, initiating more than 1200 case files in the first six months of implementation. It has virtually eliminated printing of documents, enables real transparency of documentation and decision-making which has improved communication within teams and beyond.

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