Why we should be celebrating Information Awareness Month every day

It is vital to understand why we keep records in the first place and the value they contain for our organisations

May was Information Awareness Month and it is a pivotal time in our history to consider the importance of this topic. Many people might hear the terms ‘information management’ and ‘record keeping’ and consider those to be boring background topics. However, they should be front of mind as they are the glue that piece together our history, our policies and our fiscal outcomes.

As we shift to a digital world in a pace that is faster than previously imagined, organisations run the risk of data loss and essential pieces to their stories. Instead, the attitude towards information and records needs to see them as being harnessed and valued as essential assets. There is a sense of urgency around this and that is why Objective has been partnering with RIMPA at many events this month.

An information challenge

From in-person events to webinars, from New Zealand to Western Australia, Objective has been attending RIMPA Information Awareness Month (IAM) events to discuss an information challenge presenting to many. With organisations now collaborating and working remotely, Microsoft 365 has become a valuable component to our day to day working lives. Yet, this is also creating an explosion of information. The challenge is, how are we capturing and harnessing that information as an asset while accessing that information from anywhere, meeting compliance, ensuring its sustainable and capturing in a secure cloud. How are we balancing collaboration with information governance?

Placing records front and centre

Generally, records professionals focus a lot of attention on the compliance of records, which is one very important aspect. However, this misses the opportunity to sell the value of why we keep records in the first place and the value they contain for our organisations.

Records should be front and centre to our organisations. We know that records can be understood as they have context, they are authentic, as they have been protected and can be trusted as they have a level of integrity above all other content. So, we all should be using these records every day to support us and our decision-making process for today and also for the future.

The trust factor

It is important to foster trust, not just for integrity’s sake, but to ensure everyone is on board with the shared vision and all moving in the same direction. Trust is important in all aspects of records management, especially when it comes to change. We can all agree that the events of the pandemic have highlighted just how much we need records and information to trust.

It's imperative that the users impacted by change trust you, and that information and artefacts will remain protected, searchable, with the highest level of integrity. Investing in better information governance is a win not only for your organisation but also for our future. This is why Objective focused on the Microsoft 365 journey throughout the RIMPA events and have developed Objective GOV365.

Ultimately, the biggest take away from IAM is that with better information management the result is stronger outcomes for communities and accountability that builds trust in government.

Thank you to the RIMPA crew for organising these wonderful events. Objective has been involved with the Records Management industry for in-excess of 20 years and we are proud to be a Platinum Industry Partner for RIMPA. We look forward to continuing this very important partnership into the future and advocating for information governance.