Transitioning from paper to digital development applications

Objective Trapeze enabled Blacktown City Council to quickly and efficiently streamline their development process.

Blacktown City Council is a growing council and processes a lot of large-scale complex development applications – up to 2400 per year. Before using Objective Trapeze, the council was completely paper based, so much of the admin work was completed manually. This included printing, manually stamping and scanning. Transitioning to the NSW Planning portal, meant that Blacktown City Council had to move from paper to digital in just 10 weeks. Objective Trapeze made this move possible.

The implementation of Objective Trapeze has had a significant positive impact on the process of development applications – for both the planning team at blacktown and the wider community. From requests for additional information to comparison of plans, from the use of accurate measurement tools to smart stamping, Trapeze has enabled the council to work faster and with more consistency. It has allowed for concise assessments, reducing admin work and freeing time in the office. The ability to digitally stamp plans and send them within the same day has increased output of the planning team, especially with smaller developments.

Trapeze has had such a large impact on the process of a development application. It has definitely streamlined the process on being able to get feedback straight back to the applicant.

Olivia Betts

Town Planner, Blacktown City Council

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