Maritime New Zealand

Safer seas for New Zealand as technology successfully delivers maritime regulatory reforms

Maritime New Zealand is the national maritime regulator, compliance and response agency in New Zealand. In 2013, Maritime NZ needed to implement two regulatory reforms to manage operational and occupational certification for maritime operators and for seafarers. This included the new Maritime Operator Safety System framework (MOSS) and (SeaCERT). The reforms had a seven-month deadline.

Existing Maritime NZ solutions managed licence applications, vessel registration and compliance, however, these were vessel focused. The solutions didn’t integrate with each other or provide the capability required to implement the reforms.

New technology was critical to the reforms and needed to support business activities ensuring that Maritime NZ was able to be a flexible, efficient and effective regulator. The new solution also needed to be implemented within the seven-month timeframe, in line with the introduction of the reform legislation.

With the help of Objective RegWorks, (formerly by Itree) Maritime NZ was able to achieve the goal, improve processes, become more efficient and set the stage for future projects and updates to polices and legislation. Maritime NZ saw value in the RegWorks’ teams long-term vision and its partnerships with other maritime regulators, which allowed Maritime NZ to facilitate a rapid implementation by using existing workflow methodology and application approval frameworks. The solution incorporated data migration, new workflows and business rules to achieve its objectives.

Objective RegWorks enables Maritime NZ to be an intelligence-led, risk focused, and evidence based regulatory, compliance and response agency; achieved through creating a single view of the operator with quality information guiding informed decisions.

Maritime New Zealand