Driving an effective cross-agency response to a housing crisis

 Welsh government is an organisation of 5 and 1/2 1,000 people that divide into eight groups. Each of those will cover one of the portfolios that relate to ministers like independent health providers, independent learners, local authorities, housing all falls in the remit.

Following events in Ukraine, the Welsh government announced that it would welcome and support families that have been displaced as a result of the conflict. Obviously have risen. There's in the region of 500 plus families at various stages have been settled. 

 Information management was identified as key to the whole process. Without Objective Connect, providing easy, reliable and safe access, to some very sensitive data, was going to be a very cumbersome process for Welsh Government. 

When Objective Connect came on board it really swung things round for the agency. It was identified as an ideal platform for sharing information securely. The first step of the process was getting  information sent over to local authorities. They would then need to perform background checks and police checks. The major benefit is the speed that we've been able to turn information around. This was a very fast moving situation and people of Wales were very generous with their offers. So large numbers of offers were received and it would have extended timelines enormously if we'd had to do everything using a manual email process. 

If [Objective] Connect was suddenly taken away from us, it would be a big impact on the organisation and its ability to function

Andy Parker

Information and Records Management - Senior Operations Manager, Welsh Government