Introducing Objective Connect Insights: Account data at your fingertips

Administrators now have access to critical insights that provide a complete view on usage, trends and anomalies across the entire account.

Enterprise and Workgroup administrators are now able to pull data in the following areas: telemetry, account and workgroups.

Objective Connect Telemetry

Enterprise and Workgroup administrators can export connection reports over a specific period of time, providing valuable daily usage calculation across your account.

Daily calculation and stored count of connections can be used to retrieve:

  • Account Overview - the total number of connections used throughout an Enterprise account
  • Account Workgroups - the total number of connections used throughout an Enterprise account, including a breakdown of all workgroups and individual connection counts
  • Single Workgroup - the total number of connections being used by a single selected workgroup within the account

Connect telemetry empowers users to:

  • View overall account consumption and trends over time
  • Understand the breakdown and management of multiple workgroups with separate connection information per group
  • Combine and analyse all workgroups across an entire account by reviewing connection data and audit logs over selected period

Account and Workgroup Reporting

Extending on connection reports, account and workgroup reports aim to provide further context information on how workgroups, members and workspaces are being utilised throughout across the entire account.

Daily account and workgroup reports can be used to retrieve:

  • Workgroup Report (Enterprise Admins only) - Summary of all workgroups within the Enterprise, including not only workspace and connection information, but also total numbers of shared documents and participant breakdown
  • Member Report (Enterprise and Workgroup admins) - Breakdown of all members within a workgroup, including: role and status information, activity, workspace and shared document information. As Enterprise admin, a report can also be run across all members within all account workgroups.
  • Workspace Report (Enterprise and Workgroup admins) - Breakdown of all workspaces within a workgroup, including: Two-Step status, scheduled end, and a breakdown on shared documents and participants.


  • Enterprise administrators can access all report formats and options for both the Enterprise and Workgroup(s) they administer
  • Workgroup admins can access only the individual Workgroup, member and workspace reports they directly administer

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