Going digital with Ministerial and Chief Executive correspondence

Faster approvals, reduced paper flow, improved access and accountability and better visibility are all benefits SA Health now enjoys.

The Department for Health and Wellbeing (DHW) assists the Minister to set the policy framework and strategic directions for SA Health. As system leader, the department provides support for delivering services, facilitates consultation and monitors performance of South Australia’s public health system.

In 2017, DHW revitalised its intention to move away from paper-based processes. Expanding the use of Objective products to 2000 users across the department since this time has contributed to streamlining business processes and improving staff efficiency. Harnessing the benefits of electronic document management using Objective ECM and advanced searching with Objective Discover, DHW worked with Objective to create a bespoke Objective Perform workflow solution to electronically manage Ministerial and Chief Executive correspondence.

The Objective Ministerial and Chief Executive Correspondence solution has considerably reduced end-to-end processing time, supporting executives to be more mobile and reducing manual processes for staff.

Don Frater

Deputy Chief Executive, SA Health