Ten Questions to ask when selecting a file sharing solution for Content Manager.

A best practice guide for external file sharing - created just for government.

Are you scared of information leaking from your agency? That your sensitive information could fall into the wrong hands? These are the concerns of any agency considering the implementation of a file sharing solution for Content Manager. However, what is the alternative - out of control shadow IT, files saved back into Content Manager as an afterthought (maybe) or worse?

Information Managers and IT can enable collaboration while maintaining a grip on security, privacy and governance. But how do you get the balance right the first time?

Every question you need to ask...

This 10 question checklist ensures you know the right questions to ask when evaluating an external file sharing solution for your agency. From integration with Content Manager, to security certifications and audit capability - these are the essential questions you must be asking before even considering a file sharing solution for your agency. Don’t put your agency at risk, download now.

Topics covered include:

  • Information governance
  • Content Manager Integration
  • Document Security
  • Security Certifications
  • Audibility