Objective is proud to be a sponsor of the Manawatū Jets

From community engagement to inspiring kids, the Jets are more than a basketball team

Making a difference and striving for strong community outcomes is something that Objective strives for and fully supports. One alliance, the Manawatū Jets basketball team in New Zealand, is raising the bar on making a difference to kids and family in Palmerston North.

The Jets are more than just a basketball team. Their vision centres on community – primarily on what they can offer kids in the community. The Jets are an inspiration to the kids of Palmerston North and opportunity for success. They are opening the doors for every Manawatū child who aspires to play basketball at the highest level.

The Jets have been active in community engagement, events, charity and visiting schools. One of the programmes they recently participated in was Vision City Kids, which supports vulnerable children and families. From barbecues to playing basketball, the Jets taught the kids about teamwork and added extra excitement to their day.

In addition to community work and getting involved in events, the Jets have also introduced family passes to their games. The Jets aren’t just basketball players, they are public figures who children can look up to and see that the pursuit of playing competitive basketball is possible. Ultimately, they bring families and the community together.

For more information about the Jets and upcoming games, visit their website.