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Eradicating a building approval backlog with automated batch stamping

Renfrewshire Council aimed to upgrade their software systems to work more smartly and achieve greater levels of automation. The Building Standards team selected Objective Trapeze as one such solution, designed specifically to obtain greater levels of efficiency when issuing building warrant decisions.

One of the primary drivers for Trapeze adoption was the batch stamping facility, where customisable stamps automatically find whitespace on every page of an application to mark them as approved or refused.

Switching from a manual to an automated task, the benefits of using Trapeze Professional were immediate – from backlog removal and unquestionable accuracy to providing an enhanced public service.

Objective Trapeze is also used in conjunction with other software systems – both the Council’s case management system and document management system – making it part of a complete solution.

Larger applications which previously took a half to a full day to be stamped are now stamped within six minutes.

Alex MacCalman

Assistant Building Standards Manager, Renfrewshire Council