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Adding value to development – award winning results for Salford City Council

Receiving more than 2,000 planning applications each year, Salford City Council required a tool to help them streamline the development assessment process.

Salford City Council is the local authority of the dynamic City of Salford in Greater Manchester, England. In order to deliver an exceptional planning service to its community, the council required a solution that could help them assess applications with greater speed and precision, without compromising on accuracy.

With Objective Trapeze, Salford City Council have seen incredible improvements in their planning process. 97% of applications were determined on time in 2022, and their discharge on conditions raised from 40% to a staggering 80%. Salford City Council were announced as the winners of the Royal Town Planning Institute’s Planning Authority of the Year award in 2022, which was well deserved recognition for the fantastic work they have been doing for their community.

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We’re a team that works with plans day in, day out. We’ve been looking at software to work with plans, and obviously Objective Trapeze is the system that is our preferred solution.

Anthony Stephenson

Group Leader for Development Management, Salford City Council