Two-Step Verification Plus

Greater control with enhanced usability

In 2020, the Objective Connect team delivered the ability to add Two-Step Verification on Workspaces that contain your most sensitive information. The Two-Step Verification feature adds an additional layer of security and certainty each time a participant views the contents of a Workspace.

The latest and upcoming releases have focused on taking Two-Step Verification two steps further for Enterprise customers. These Two-Step Verification enhancements allow for tighter security with the ability to mandate Two-Step on any Workspace, and an improved user experience by allowing one access code to unlock all Two-Step Workspaces for an authorised user.

 Streamline Access to Two-Step Workspaces

Previously, users had to provide a unique access code per Workspace where Two-Step Verification was enabled. This release streamlines access to Two-Step Workspaces by allowing users to supply a single unique access code for any of these Workspaces, whilst they remain logged in for that same session. Having to verify one access code means authorised users can save valuable time and enjoy seamless access to Workspaces that have Two-Step Verification enabled.


  • If an authorised user does not input the received unique code and attempts to the login to another Two-Step Verification enabled Workspace, they will receive another email with the same access code from the initial Workspace.

    Two-Step Mandate 

    "Enforce Two-Step Verification" is a Workgroup option that mandates Two-Step Verification upon Workspace creation. Whenever a Workspace is created from either the Browser or Connect Link, the Two-Step Verification option is enabled by default. With Two-Step Mandate, there is less reliance on individual Workspace Owners enabling the option during or following creation of a Workspace - delivering greater control and security over your most sensitive content.


    • Once the Two-Step Mandate is enabled by an Administrator, a Workspace Owner can't disable Two-Step Verification when creating a Workspace from the browser.
    • If a Workspace already has Two-Step enabled, a Workspace Owner can't disable Two-Step Verification.
    • If Two-Step Mandate is enabled by an Administrator and there was an existing Workspace that did not have Two-Step enabled, Workspace Owners or Managers can enable Two-Step Verification within Workspace but will not be able to disable it after.