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User Guide: Fillable Forms

Create documents in Keystone that contain editable, or fillable, form elements.

There are several Keystone components that make up the framework that is required to produce documents with fillable form elements:

  • Non-Form Content: This can be simple text and tables or even reusable content.
  • Form Elements: Various question types and form fields can be added to the document including;
  • Text Fields: Single or multi-line fields to capture, name, address, phone details.
  • Select Lists: Select from a drop-down list of options.
  • Checkboxes: Tick / cross boxes to select multiple applicable items from a list.
  • Radio Buttons: Tick / cross boxes to select a single item from a list
  • Character Fields: A text box for each value in an entry; e,g. a text box per value of a contact number
  • Form Element Patterns: Optional but can aid development. Repeated groupings of fields can be saved. using the same principle as Reusable Contents1 to combine a series of related form elements. For example; address blocks, account details, etc
  • Form Element Library: A document specifically set up to organise and maintain form patterns, similar to a Clause Bank document but for forms.

In addition to the components above, more traditional Keystone components can be combined to produce documents that contain fillable form elements including:

  • Clause Bank / Reusable Content: If you have a current Clause Bank, or any Reusable Content, you can include these within form documents.
  • Metadata: Dynamic Documents using Stakeholder / Consultee, or Asset metadata can be included with form documents. For information on Dynamic Documents, or metadata please refer to Keystone help and related guides.
  • Design Configuration: The Publishing Settings (specification) can be adjusted to meet design requirements, for example; page background colours, multiple columns or unique table designs. For information on Publishing Settings please refer to Keystone help and related guides.