Introducing Objective Trapeze Professional

June 2019 Update

Document Compare

Use the new Document Compare tool to easily identify which pages have been changed between two documents. Once the changed pages have been identified, easily find the changes on those particular pages using the slider and fader.

Tool Launcher

No more ribbon toolbar that requires constant clicking! All your tools are now conveniently located on the Tool Launcher, situated on the right hand side of the Trapeze window. Tools are grouped according to function, such as "Assess" and "Annotate". Collapse or hide tool groups as desired.


You can now save your favourite annotation styles and measuring properties by creating handy presetsand giving them any name you like, such as "large blue arrow". Those presets will be available every time you access the same tool.

Objective ECM Integration

Our Objective ECM customers can now enjoy seamless, complete integration with Objective ECM version 10.4.2 and above.

Simplified Printing

Tired of walking to the printer and being disappointed with the output? See what you're about to print with Print Preview, and easily adjust your preferences such as page size and orientation. Print documents faster with improved printing performance.

Need some training on Objective Trapeze? Remember you can access our Learning Hub 24/7. If you need additional training support, please contact us to find out more about our remote training options.