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Prepare for all types of information requests

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides a mechanism for the public to request access to information.

With increasing volume of requests for information places demands on both specialist staff and those in operational business units, it’s challenging to manage and respond to requests, deliver balanced decisions and release information securely within statutory timeframes.

Respond swiftly

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Respond swiftly

Automate your processes so you and your team can respond swiftly.

Know where you're at in the process
Track and coordinate requests for information, amendment or erasure. Eliminate the need for manual routing, tracking and reporting, saving significant costs.

Streamline the approach to privacy and subject access requests
Be confident tasks are correctly assigned. Teams are able to easily identify unassigned tasks as well as be notified of stalled processes.

Automate manual tasks
Increase consistency and efficiency by automating manual, time consuming tasks. These can be configured to provide customised instructions and checklists to ensure responses are accurate and on time.

Collaborate securely

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Collaborate securely

Consult, share and collaborate through secure digital Workspaces. Streamline performance reporting and build trust.

Collaborate securely
Secure Workspaces enable consultation with internal and external collaborators about the release of information. Every document and comment is synchronised in your information repository, extending governance policies and keeping you compliant with your records management obligations.

Share files securely with applicants
Separate Workspaces can be used to correspond with applicants and digitally dispatch the final response. Every action in every Workspace is audited so you can report on who did what and when.

Auditable and transparent
Build trust with auditable processes and transparent decision making. All the relevant information is provided for you to rapidly action a request. The solution assures information authenticity and integrity for quality decision making.

Protect appropriately

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Protect appropriately

Reliably redact sensitive content. Maintain documentation to demonstrate governance and compliance.

Reliably redact sensitive content
Redaction tools protect sensitive information that cannot be shared. It’s easily redacted and exemption codes show the relevant legislation.

Encourage secure information release
Multi-faceted collaboration, redaction and management tools for action, tracking and performance reporting provide rapid responses to requests for information.

Reduce information security risks
Access to business process workflows, tasks and related documents are controlled, monitored, tracked and audited assuring that only those specified users have access to sensitive documents and content.

Release digitally

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Release digitally

Provide an exceptional experience that builds trust, and exceeds your customers’ expectations.

Build trust through openness
Demonstrating robust governance and transparent information processes provides certainty for stakeholders, builds reputation and encourages customer loyalty.

Increase staff productivity
Effectively track the progress and status of all requests, and identify and respond to potential bottlenecks; so staff can focus on high-value tasks.

Performance and transparency
Fully-audited processes are visible and dashboards allow you to monitor statuses and track trends. Proactively reallocate resources to meet your timeframes.

Through our research we've discovered

Img open gov 20pc time foi
Img open gov 30pc manual processes
Img open gov half day reports
Img open gov 15pc requests overdue
Img open gov 34pc increased costs
Img open gov 31pc requests partially granted
* Source: Objective benchmarking research
** Source: data.gov.au

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GDPR places greater emphasis on the documentation that data controllers must keep to demonstrate their accountability.

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Release information to the public faster and with confidence

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