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Regulatory compliance software

Regulatory software designed specifically for regulation, compliance and enforcement for Government agencies.

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Supporting regulation, compliance and enforcement for improved safety outcomes.

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End-to-end compliance management software

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End-to-end compliance management software

Track all aspects of compliance

Monitor, administer, and document complaints, field activities, inspections, investigations, incidents, permit authorisations, educational initiatives, and enforcement measures including infringements and prosecutions.

Inspections and investigations

Capture data and evidence in the field and link to investigation and inspections, ready for inclusion into a brief of evidence. Use workflows to apply suggested actions based on policy or legislation.

Manage enforcement

Leverage your enforcement pyramid to apply intelligent actions and sanctions, ensuring decisions are consistent and transparent. Oversee offences, distribute notices for warnings, infringements, and educational purposes, and handle payment processes.

Intelligent regulatory compliance

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Intelligent regulatory compliance

Targeting based on risk assessment

Risk assessment algorithms apply your specified criteria to generate a risk rating. Analyse historical information to detect profiles with high risk or consistent patterns of non-compliance, enabling pre-emptive focus on high-risk operations and individuals.

System protocols structured to conform with legislative standards

Integrate legislative-based rules into workflows. Adapt rules effortlessly to accommodate legislative updates, ensuring organisational compliance.

Streamline processes by automating emails, document creation and general workflow

Administer work efficiently to meet deadlines, utilising automation for task allocation, setting reminders for due dates, and external communication.

Why use Objective RegWorks for compliance management?

Enable disparate teams to work together, sharing a single view of a customer. Have greater efficiency and transparency with Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) designed specifically to manage regulation and compliance.

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Specialist RegTech for government

Simplified administration of legislation and reduced compliance burden on industry

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Configuration instead of customisation

Flexible configuration, low-code and no-code RegTech empowers you to adapt to changing legislation

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360 degree view of entities for risk-based decisions

Complete contact and compliance history informs approvals and targets compliance monitoring

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Easily integrate with existing enterprise systems

Leverage your existing systems via standard APIs for integration with document management, CRMs, portals, finance and more

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Easily upgraded

Upgrade to the latest RegTech version (inclusive as part of our SaaS subscription), without the hassle

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Security compliant

Comply with all security standards, governance controls, and data sovereignty obligations

End-to-end compliance management

Objective RegWorks supports end-to-end compliance management, including tracking, managing and reporting on complaints, on field-based activities, inspections, investigations, incidents, permit approvals, education and enforcement actions such as infringements and prosecution.

Objective RegWorks software allows for collaboration across diverse teams, with a clear shared-view of customer profile. Explore sophisticated reporting, precise data recording, and adaptable workflows that can be updated to reflect to legislative changes. Make decisions that are both informed and consistent, utilising risk assessment and intelligence as primary inputs. Benefit from the enhanced efficiency and clarity provided by a SaaS

Objective RegWorks appealed to us because of its highly configurable nature, and the fact that it's specifically tailored to supporting the full suite of regulatory, enforcement, compliance and education functions.

Julia Oakley

Executive General Manager at ReturnToWorkSA

Frequently asked questions

What is regulatory compliance software?

Regulatory compliance software is a specialised tool designed to help organisations adhere to legal standards and regulations specific to their industry. Objective RegWorks regulatory compliance management solution is designed specifically for government regulatory agencies. It streamlines the process of tracking, managing, and reporting on complaints, inspections, investigations, incidents, permit approvals and enforcement actions.

How does Objective RegWorks enhance regulatory compliance management?

Objective RegWorks enhances regulatory compliance management by providing an integrated platform that automates workflows, ensures accurate data capture, and maintains a single source of truth. With configurable workflows that can be updated in response to legislative changes, it supports consistent decision-making.

What sets Objective RegWorks apart as a regulatory compliance management tool?

As a regulatory compliance management tool, Objective RegWorks stands out due to its ability to unify disparate teams, offering real-time collaboration and a shared view of customer data. Its advanced reporting capabilities and risk-based intelligence inputs allow for informed decision-making, while, as a SaaS, it ensures a scalable and accessible compliance management solution for government agencies.

Can the regulatory compliance system adapt to changes in legislation?

Yes, the regulatory compliance system within Objective RegWorks is designed to be highly adaptable. Users can easily update configurable workflows to reflect changes in legislation.

How does the regulatory compliance management software support decision-making?

Objective RegWork’s compliance management software supports decision-making by providing robust reporting tools, risk assessment features, and intelligence inputs that offer a comprehensive understanding of compliance status. This empowers users to make informed decisions on action and enforcement. >

Is Objective RegWorks suitable for all sizes of government agencies?

Objective RegWorks is scalable and caters to government agencies of various sizes. This is regardless of whether you are a new regulator looking for your first solution or have been regulating for years and want a better way to manage your agency.

How can I get started with regulatory compliance software and Objective RegWorks?

To find out more information or schedule a demo, use our contact form below. We will run you through how Objective RegWorks can be used a regulatory compliance solution, as well as all of our modules and how they can benefit your government agency. 

Objective Regworks H white

End-to-end regulation made simple

Software designed specifically for regulation, compliance and enforcement. Make informed consistent decisions, increase productivity and improve safety outcomes.

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