Objective IQ user experience continues to evolve with intuitive renditions

Your team now has everything they need to complete their job on a day-to-day basis with Objective ECM 11’s improved rendition creation

Over the last few years, the user experience of Objective ECM has been undergoing a significant evolution. You can now access Objective ECM via a browser on any device, with an all-new and beautiful user experience called Objective IQ.

Recent releases of Objective ECM have increased the depth of functionality available through Objective IQ and introduced features that were not previously available. Highlights have included:

  • Co-Author Documents with Microsoft 365: From the Objective IQ interface, users have the ability to initiate co-authoring using Microsoft 365. In just a few clicks a document is transferred into edit mode, allowing team members to update the document simultaneously. All of the file plan permissions are adhered to, while a detailed history stored within the audit history.

  • Search and Query: With Objective IQ, you can always find the document you are looking for. Whether you’re searching the file plan, or just in context of a specific folder, the search function is simple and intuitive. You can then narrow your search by using on-screen filters. Need your search to be more granular? Simply click Query and utilise the full power of search, with screens that are easy to use and understandable.

  • Complete Visibility: Objective ECM has always captured a rich set of metadata with each and every document. At a glance, Objective IQ provides users everything they need to know about a document. Visual cues to show if a document is being edited with Microsoft 365 or shared via Objective Connect. Location information via bread crumbs or tree menus. Metadata is visible in list view, and further information such as document preview, versions and audit history are all visible on-screen via document details.

And now: Objective IQ offers improved rendition creation

Renditions have always played a key role in the life cycle of a document. Renditions automate the creation of a ‘permanent’ version – in a non-editable PDF format. Renditions can now be displayed on the document details tab with the ability to either manually request or upload a rendition of a specific version. The rendition is then made available in a specific file plan location which saves time, plus removes any confusion about what is the current version.

When coupled with a workflow, document renditions can be instantly routed to team members or external parties with Objective Connect.

Objective ECM 11 delivers the ability to create renditions from the Objective IQ user experience. For many organisations, this is the final piece of the puzzle – offering their users every feature they need in Objective IQ to complete their day-to-day work.

Join organisations such as the Department of Premier and Cabinet in SA, City of West Torrens and the Department of Human Services who are already making productivity gains by moving their team to Objective IQ (learn more about the User Experience Revolution in South Australia here).

Want to know how your organisation can benefit from the Objective IQ user experience and the other enhancements in Objective ECM? Visit our Objective ECM 11 page to learn more.