Optimising Performance with Objective Managed Services

The Future Fund Management Agency (Future Fund) is one of our longstanding customers. They are using Objective Managed Services to manage their Objective systems proactively and inject greater efficiencies in their operations.

We sat down with Ashley Albuquerque, Senior Analyst, Enterprise Technology at Future Fund to discuss his experience with Objective Managed Services.

When did the Future Fund become an Objective Customer?
We implemented Objective ECM in 2010. Since then, we have leveraged Objective Connect to streamline collaboration and file sharing externally with our partners and peers in the Investment Industry. We commenced our Managed Services arrangement in 2014 and after a short period of evaluation, the value it could deliver to our agency was very visible – we have since never looked back.

What were the drivers for taking on Objective Managed Services?
Back then, we had a small IT team and internally we lacked the specialist systems administration and technical skills required to efficiently manage our ECM environment. While we had scaled up our knowledge and capability on optimising Objective for various business use case as a Document and Records Management system, we did not have the resources to proactively manage the system. When issues were raised, we handled them reactively. Furthermore, the standard support model under USP wasn't sufficiently addressing our needs for effective and timely resolution of incidents. We were concerned about the increasing operational risk to the Agency if issues would not be addressed in a timely manner, which would seriously impact the reputation and confidence in the Objective ECM system.

What value has Objective Managed Services delivered to the FFMA?
Proactive management and ongoing maintenance has been a big win for us. It was amazing to see how proactive management had enhanced the stability of the system. Having a team of experts looking after our environment and actively identifying areas that need attention has reduced a lot of operational risk and provides our internal technology staff the opportunity to focus and support our business better. The monthly managed services meetings and regular health checks have boosted the benefits of proactive management and helped us realise how optimising performance on an ongoing basis can deliver greater efficiencies. We have peace of mind that our Objective environment is in safe hands.

Describe your relationship with the Objective Managed Services team?
We have a great amount of trust in the Managed Services team. The fact that we have a team of dedicated Objective specialists who know the FFMA environment well is a great benefit. We can simply pick up the phone and speak to the Managed Services staff dedicated to our account which is very reassuring when we do have issues that need urgent attention.

What is your advice to other customer that may be considering Objective Managed Services?
Proactive management is always a better approach than being reactive. This is very visible when you need to ensure your system is performing optimally especially when you are planning upgrades to the platform. The ability to speak to a central point of contact has delivered immense value to us. After an initial six-month trial period of Managed Services, the benefits were obvious – give it a go and see if it works for your organisation.

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